Updates archive


  1. the world's tiniest CSS update

  2. Added two new YGO DM translations.

  3. I started rewatching YGO DM recently, so I'm going to translate the songs as I go. Translations for the season 1 opening and ending songs are up on the new YGO page 🙂

  4. Added a page for Daisuke Asakura and a translation of COSMIC RUNAWAY. Also made some typography fixes.

  5. Today is T.M.Revolution's 24th anniversary so I've added a translation of LIGHT MY FIRE! 🎉

  6. small markup improvements to the site. Also archived some of the older updates to save space 🙂

  7. added a new page for access, and a song translation. I've also included some commentary on the song from the artist 😎

  8. added image optimisation to some pages

  9. improved page load time, and added a link button to the about page

  10. added a new page for Tohoshinki, and a song translation for them 🎈

  11. it's been a while but I made a bunch of code improvements! Hope to post some new translations soon 😊


  1. added a new TMR translation, and fixed some image issues on mobile.

  2. site launched! 🎉🎉🎉