Updates archive


  1. New Laruku translation is up 🌈 (i'm gonna translate cher lloyd by cher lloyd...)

  2. Added a Stamps page, tidied the Links page a bit, and made some small CSS fixes.

  3. Updated the Fanlistings page and fixed a Firefox-specific bug with the tooltips.

  4. Added some new translations for abingdon boys school, access and L'Arc~en~Ciel. A tiny CSS update too ☆

  5. Three new artist pages added: abingdon boys school, Do As Infinity and L'Arc~en~Ciel.

  6. The YGO DM song translations are all done! 🎉

  7. Added a Fanlistings page. I spent some time creating custom tooltips for the buttons too 🙂 I used to join a lot of these back in the mid-2000s, and also ran several of them myself for a couple of years.

    I also made some small fixes: the footer now sits at the bottom of the page regardless of the height of the content, and markup of the updates section has been improved to make it more semantic.
    (this update is very meta, I know 😎)

  8. added the YGO season 4 translations!

  9. i'm alive Season 3 song translations are up on the YGO page!


  1. the world's tiniest CSS update

  2. Added two new YGO DM translations.

  3. I started rewatching YGO DM recently, so I'm going to translate the songs as I go. Translations for the season 1 opening and ending songs are up on the new YGO page 🙂

  4. Added a page for Daisuke Asakura and a translation of COSMIC RUNAWAY. Also made some typography fixes.

  5. Today is T.M.Revolution's 24th anniversary so I've added a translation of LIGHT MY FIRE! 🎉

  6. small markup improvements to the site. Also archived some of the older updates to save space 🙂

  7. added a new page for access, and a song translation. I've also included some commentary on the song from the artist 😎

  8. added image optimisation to some pages

  9. improved page load time, and added a link button to the about page

  10. added a new page for Tohoshinki, and a song translation for them 🎈

  11. it's been a while but I made a bunch of code improvements! Hope to post some new translations soon 😊


  1. added a new TMR translation, and fixed some image issues on mobile.

  2. site launched! 🎉🎉🎉