Lyrics: Takanori Nishikawa
Composition: Daisuke Asakura
Performed by: T.M.Revolution
Translation & romaji by: teddiursa

hada ni kizamu toiki made
yureru shiruetto derikashii
nusumareta hitomi no oku
kimi wa “nani” wo utusu no?

your flickering silhouette is as delicate
as a sigh tracing across my skin
deep in your stolen eyes
what is it you’re taking in?

furete mitai no nara
subete ubai sareba ii
‘Cause I need to know

if you want to try to touch me
i don’t mind if you take everything
‘Cause I need to know

furueru karada daite
kodou ga ima kikoeru
mayonaka no taiyou ni nure
boku wa iki wo hisometa

hold my shaking body
and you’ll hear the beat now
drenched in the midnight sun
i held my breath

furete kowareru hodo
ai ga kimi wo kaeteyuku
‘Cause I need to hold

love is changing you so much
that it shatters if you touch it
‘Cause I need to hold

furete shimaeru nara
subete ushinattemo ii

if you dare to touch me
i don’t mind losing everything

furete kowareru kara
ai wa boku wo kaete yuku

this love will shatter if i touch it
so it’s changing me

ai ga...



  1. All the okurigana in this song is written using katakana, rather than hiragana. Katakana is mainly used to write loanwords or transliterate foreign words into Japanese. It has a similar effect to using italics in English. I'm not sure why Nishikawa made this stylistic decision, but in my opinion it gives the song a slightly robotic feel. I think this is reflected in his vocals too - he keeps most of the syllables detached from one another.