indigo cave

Lyrics: Makoto Asakura
Composition: Daisuke Asakura
Performed by: Daisuke Asakura
Translation & romaji by: teddiursa

itsuka deaou
sora to umi no hate de

we’ll meet someday…
where outer space meets
the depths of the sea

kimi to deaou
sora to umi no hate de

i’ll meet you someday…
where the open skies meet
the bounds of the ocean

hoshi mo toki mo

gaze at
the distant stars
and the passing of time
and keep swimming

itsuka deaou

we'll meet someday...


  1. The lyrics are written in katakana instead of hiragana, aside from two lines where kanji is used for the words sky and sea:
    • In the first verse, そら (sora, sky) is written 宇宙うちゅう (uchuu, space); and うみ (umi, sea) is written 深海しんかい (shinkai, deep sea)
    • In the second verse, the pronunciation is the same, but sky and sea are rendered as 無限 and 有限 respectively. That is, the kanji for infinite (mugen) and finite (yuugen) are annotated with the kanji for sora (そら) and umi (うみ).